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India's Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute to promote green economy in 'coastal village' by Sudha Nambudiri June 12,2012   |  Source: TNN

The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), as part of its extension research has adopted the Pallipuram grama panchayat to be developed as a 'model coastal village' based on the theme 'green economy'.

Under the programme, the CMFRI scientists and staff will help the village identify the ways of responsible living. The villagers in the panchayat which also houses the famous Cherai beach have been facing the brunt of urbanization with tourists adding to the waste accumulation in the area.

"We are focusing on creating awareness among the public the harmful impacts of urbanization and the need to start "responsible living" among the village folk. Since many of them are depend on fishing for a livelihood, the CMFRI will disseminate the research findings in fisheries and aquaculture for their benefit," said V Kripa, senior scientist, Fishery Environment division, CMFRI.

She said that one of the biggest problems faced by the villagers is the plastic waste that is being dumped into the sea and in the beaches. "If the fisherfolk are taught the hazards of waste management and sustainable practices, they will ensure that the rules are in place for the visitors to follow."

According to CMFRI, oyster and mussel farming technologies are zero carbon budget


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