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Fish catch can create jobs and sustain communities, says South African academic by Mohammed Karaan May 08,2012   |  Source: IOL

In a recent article by Donwald Pressly (“Small-scale fishing draft ‘bucks vision’”, Business Report, May 3), some critical choices and implications for the small-scale fisheries are brought to debate. The article leaves the impression that the National Development Plan (NDP) is adversarial to the small-scale fishing policy.

In particular, the article states that the NDP “opposed the accommodation of new entrants or additional quota holders as this would increase the threat to sustainability”. This conclusion skews the National Planning Commission’s perspective.

In chapter six of the draft plan, the NDP actually says: “For coastal areas, marine fisheries are an important sector for subsistence and employment. Subsistence fishers rely on marine resources as a basic source of food. They are largely dependent on low-cost resources that are important to the social fabric of their societies, and have a long history of dependency on these resources.

“There are about 29 000, concentrated on the east and south coasts. Small-scale and artisanal fishers have relatively small, low-cost operations, but often fish high-value resources. Industrial fisheries target large-scale harvesting of mainly offshore resources that are caught using expensive, hi-tech boats, gear


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