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EU Fisheries Ministers want decentralised decisions April 30,2012   |  Source: TheFishSite

More possibilities for decentralised decisions was a theme at Friday's Council meeting where EU Fisheries Ministers discussed the Commission’s proposals on transferable fishing concessions and regionalisation of fisheries management.

More decentralised decisions are to contribute to ensuring more sustainable fisheries in the future. This is the main idea in the Commission’s proposal on regionalisation that was discussed at Friday’s meeting in Luxembourg.

The EU fisheries Ministers agree that regionalisation is a right solution for achieving the objective of sustainable fisheries. The question is how to do it in real life.

“Regionalisation is all about making the right decisions at the right levels, thus getting rid of micro-management from Brussels. At the same time we must ensure a level playing field. At today’s meeting we have received many constructive proposals,that will be included in the future work on the reform,” says the Council chair, Mette Gjerskov, and stresses that the overall objective is to ensure more sustainable fisheries.

An important issue in the reformation of the Common Fisheries Policy is to create a balance between the fishing capacity and the actual fishing opportunities. As a tool for reaching this objective, the Commission has


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