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Trawlers threaten livelihood of 1,000 Malaysian fishermen February 21,2012   |  Source: The New Strait Times

The presence of about 10 trawlers trespassing in the waters of Senggarang and Rengit in Malaysia over the last two years is threatening the livelihood of about 1,000 traditional fishermen in Batu Pahat.

Local fishermen say trawlers trespassing in the waters of Senggarang and Rengit also damage the artificial reefs.

Batu Pahat Fishermen Association chairman Ramli Ali said the association had submitted numerous memorandums and complaints to the authorities on this issue.

"Every time the authorities take action, the problem will stop for a while but it always happens again. The longest period that the waters were free of the trawlers was a week following action by the authorities," said Ramli.

He said the trawlers not only affected the livelihood of fishermen but they also damaged the artificial reefs built by the Malaysia Fisheries Development Authority (LKIM) to promote the breeding of fish in the area.

"The fishermen are losing hope because the presence of the trawlers are difficult to stop," said Ramli.

Parit Simen Fishermen Association chairman Norazman Anis, 51, said there are 50 fishermen in Parit Simen who are complaining that their earnings are affected by the presence of the trawlers.

"The problem has been on going for a long time but


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