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Sharma, Chandrika. 2006. Marine Protected Areas and Impact on Small-scale Fisheries: Who decides, Why, What and Where?.
  • Date:2006-10-25
Rural communities in a global marketplace--Can fisheries be a part of community sustainability?, Chandrika Sharma
  • Date:2006-09-21
  • Conference:Alaska's Fishing Communities : Harvesting the Future
Allocation of Fisheries Resources: A small-scale fisheries perspective, Chandrika Sharma
  • Date:2006-03-01
  • Conference:Sharing the Fish -- Allocation Issues in Fisheries Management
Sea safety programmes for small-scale fishing communities: Role of Gender, Chandrika Sharma
  • Date:2006-02-06
  • Conference:The Third International Fishing Industry Safety & Health Conference
Safety and Health: ILO Fishing Standards and Small-scale Fisheries, Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2006-02-04
  • Conference:The Third International Fishing Industry Safety and Health Conference
Mathew, Sebastian. 2006. India should vote for ILO work programme. Economic and Political Weekly, Volume No. 41, Issue No.04. January 28-February 03, 2006.
  • Date:2006-02-03
Discussion Panel A: Fisheries and their Contribution to Sustainable Development, Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2005-06-08
  • Conference:Sixth Meeting of the United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea, New York, 6-10 June 2005
Managing Artisanal Fisheries, Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2004-06-18
  • Conference:UNEP meeting
Trade in Fisheries and Human Development: Country Case Study - India, Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2003-06-23
Small-scale Fisheries Perspective on an Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management, Sebastian Mathew
  • Date:2001-10-04
  • Conference:Ecosystem conferences