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Issue No.64
  • :0973-1156
  • :November
  • :2021

Yemaya Newsletter on Gender and Fisheries, Issue No. 64, November 2021

Asia / Sri Lanka

Post-war vulnerabilities

Women in fisheries in the North and the East region of post-war Sri Lanka continue to face serious safety and livelihood challenges

 By Kasandra Marasco (, Research Intern for NAFSO, University of Ottawa, Canada

 Then the war between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ended in 2009, the Northern and the Eastern province of Sri Lanka resembled a disaster zone. Homes and infrastructures were damaged; many civilians were killed; many others had fled, and society was in complete disarray. Even today, military control continues in a few areas, along with settlers occupying houses and lands. This has prevented many from either returning home or regaining rightful access to their land.

Women and female-headed households have been amongst those most adversely affected by the war. Both are vulnerable groups in terms of the everyday challenges they face. The war has only made things worse. During my study, I analyzed the socio-economic challenges confronting women in fishing communities and the imp