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Issue No.63
  • :0973-1156
  • :May
  • :2021

Yemaya Newsletter on Gender and Fisheries, Issue No. 63, May 2021



New threats

In order to preserve their livelihoods, women processors in Senegal have come together to oppose the Tosyali steel project

By Aby Dia (, Lumière Synergie pour leDéveloppement (LSD) in collaboration with WoMin African Alliance, South Africa. The article is translated from the French by Gildas Le Bihan (, Lorient, France

Since 2009, women fish processors of Khelcom in the traditional municipality of Bargny, about 35km from Dakar, have been facing the aftermath of development projects that jeopardise their environment, health, security and livelihoods. First there was the 125 MW coal-fired power station financed by the African Development Bank in 2009. Then, in July 2020, came the announcement of a mining and steel complex operated by the Turkish company, Tosyali, within a newly established local Special Economic Zone.

The Association of the Women Fish Processors of Bargny Guedj Khelcom has expressed clear opposition to the Tosyali Holding Sénégal project. It has filed a