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Issue No.61
  • :0973-1156
  • :August
  • :2020

Yemaya Newsletter on Gender and Fisheries, Issue No. 61, August 2020


Coping with COVID

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has introduced multiple challenges in the lives of small-scale fishers in Indonesia

By Dedi Supriadi Adhuri (, Researcher, Research Centre for Society and Culture, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia

The COVID-19 pandemic that affected Indonesia in early March 2020 has impacted coastal communities, fisher households and fisher women. Information collected by women fisher activists in 12 provinces revealed that the pandemic has dealt a serious blow to fishing activities. It started with significant decreases in demand followed by significant decreases in fish prices. Reports from various provinces found that the price of fish dropped as low as 50 percent. In fact, in some cases no one was buying the fish at all. With this, there was no incentive for fishers to go fishing as the risk was too high. Additionally, since their savings were used for daily consumption, at the end of the day, fishers were left with no capital to go fishing anymore

For fisher women, the sale of value added products, such as fish crackers, shrimp paste and other fish p