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Issue No.60
  • :0973-1156
  • :April
  • :2020

Yemaya Newsletter on Gender and Fisheries, Issue No. 60, April 2020


Dear Readers,

We are planning to publish Yemaya No. 61 July 2020 as a special issue on SSF contributions and rights to food and nutrition security.

The last date of submission for articles, case studies, interviews with fishing community members, review of legislation and policy related to food safety, photo essays, film and book reviews, reviews of online resources, cartoons (maximum 2000 words for articles, case studies, interviews and reviews, ten photos or paintings or cartoons) is 10 July 2020.

Please send your contributions to venu at (

Small-scale fisheries (SSF) play a unique – yet frequently hidden – role in assuring nutrition and food security in today’s world, in which 2 billion people are still considered food insecure and ‘zero hunger’ continues to be an important Sustainable Development Goal. Provided with adequate support, SSF will likely continue to play this part in the future too. The special issue will pay special attention to how SSF adds to the four dimensions of food security, namely: (1) the availability of food, (2) its accessibility (with a focus on price and income), (3) its quality, and (4) the stability of supply ove