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Issue No.58
  • :December
  • :2018

Asia / INDIA

Street vendors, fish markets and food security

While women in fisheries cope with the challenges of changing market systems, persistent gender inequities threaten to impact livelihoods and food security.

By Holly M. Hapke, PhD (, Director of Research Development, Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of California, Irvine, USA

New research in southern India, conducted by the Fish4Food Project, reveals that small-scale traders play an important role in ensuring access to fish by the urban poor. By providing low income consumers with small pelagic fish, in particular, small-scale traders support food security as well as contribute to the livelihoods of their own households. Many of the small-scale traders serving the urban poor in southern India are women street vendors who travel on foot from door to door or sit on street corners or in roadside markets. Street vendors are ubiquitous in Asian cityscapes. Yet despite the important role they play in local economies, delivering food and other items to consumers, they enjoy few rights and legal protections, and often face harassment from police and municipal a

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