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Issue No.52
  • :September
  • :2016



The climate for change!

A recently held global conference underscored the importance of including gender considerations in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies

By Meryl Williams,, Co-Chair GAF6 Organising Committee, Angela Lentisco,, Gender Special Session Organiser, FishAdapt

Climate change is already affecting people in many environments, as reported at GAF6 (see article ‘Gender inequality: GAF6 asks “WHY?”’) and in the FAOFishAdapt: Global Conference on Climate Change Adaptation for Fisheries and Aquaculture (8-10 August 2016). The GAF6 session on climate change and disaster preparedness, and previous GAF findings, were communicated at FishAdapt and built on by additional presentations and discussions in a Special Session. FishAdapt could be the launch pad for a discourse on gender and climate adaptation work in fisheries and aquaculture.

Beginning in 2007, the Global Symposia on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF) began to focus on