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Issue No.51
  • :0973-1156
  • :April
  • :2016

Another International Women’s Day (March 8) has gone by, with significant achievements for women in the fisheries across the world. However, while we take stock of, and celebrate the achievements, we should also reflect on the long road of struggle ahead—a struggle for the rights of small-scale fisheries; for the rights of women engaged in fishing, fish trade and fish-work.

Women have always been the backbone of the small-scale fisheries sector across the world. However the contribution of women, both in economic and social terms, have been constantly undervalued.


A Historic Journey

This article explores the long road of ten years of advocacy and action to create spaces for women in fisheries and their organizations in European Union policy

By Cornelie Quist (, Member, ICSF, with inputs from Katia Frangoudes (, Member, ICSF

In 1990, the General Body of ICSF committed to developing a programme on women in fisheries for ICSF. The Women in Fisheries (WIF) programme was conceived as an action–research programme that would be executed within, and through, fishers’ organizations that were partner organizations of ICSF. This programme aimed primarily at strengthening the role and space of women in fishworker organizations, and defending their spaces in fisheries.


The ICSF’s international Women in Fisheries programme took off in Europe! Women in fisheries’ organizations from France and Spain had their first international exposure through participation in international workshops with women in fisheri

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