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Issue No.50
  • :0973-1156
  • :December
  • :2015

We are happy to present to you the 50th issue of Yemaya. The occasion is unfortunately, however, more sombre than it is celebratory, in a world beset by war and disaster.

Since its launch in April 1999, Yemaya has regularly covered gender issues in the fisheries. It has systematically documented the various forms of gender based inequality and discrimination that prevail in the sector. It has also documented the steady erosion of the livelihood base of artisanal fishers as threats to small-scale fisheries (SSF) continue to grow.

On this occasion, it would be fitting to recall the Shared Gender Agenda that ICSF had released in 2010, with wide endorsement from representatives of fishing communities and fish worker organizations from across the world. Some of the points from the Shared Gender Agenda are worth noting in today’s context.

Regional / Central America

Women in Central America’s fisheries

Women in Central America are a vital part of the fisheries supply chain but official data fails to reflect their labour

By Vivienne Solis Rivera (, Member, ICSF

In their 1988 book, Women and Environment in the Third World, Irene Dankelman and Joan Davidson mention three issues that reflect the relationship between women and the small-scale fisheries (SSF) in Central America: first, how difficult it is to talk about women and SSF without ignoring the vast economic, cultural and social differences that exist among women even within a particular country and region; two, the tremendous work burden these diverse groups of women shoulder; and three, the fact that rural women have been the invisible workforce, the unacknowledged backbone of the family economy in Central America’s small-scale fisheries.

As in other parts of the world, in Central America too, women are involved in the diversification of production in the fisheries sector. This has important implications for food security and food sovereignty, and the management of coastal and mar

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