ICSF’s Presentations


ICSF has made presentations to highlight the perspectives and concerns of small-scale fishworkers at various UN and Civil Society meetings. These are presented here. Material from such meetings has helped build awareness of developments at the both the international level of, say, UN forums, and among fishworker organizations

Women engage in a wide range of activities in fisheries, including paid and unpaid work and liaison with institutions. In several countries, women dominate inland fishing and aquaculture. Their play multiple roles – in seafood processing plants, as caregivers in the family, as the builders of social networks and community.

Gender issues focus not on women only but on their relationship with men, on their roles, rights and responsibilities. They acknowledge that these vary within and between cultures as well as by class, race, ethnicity, age and marital status.

The 2014 SSF Guidelines are based on the principle of gender equality and equity. They integrate gender issues into all small-scale fisheries development strategies.