Focus : The turbot war


In the recent conflict with Canada, the government of Spain has dishonoured its fisherfolk, charges a women’s association

This opinion has been expressed by the directors of Rosa dos Ventos, Spain

The women’s association of Rosa dos Ventos would like to make public its indignation and shame at the Spanish government’s “dropping their pants and grovelling before Canada in the recent dispute between the two countries over fishing for turbot off the Grand Banks.

This was just one more blow against our fishermen who, as always, pay the price for bad fisheries agreements, where the only interests which motivate our representatives are the fat salaries with which they line their pockets at the expense of our fishermen.

Once they have reached an agreement, they seem to say, “Now we can relax, after all the exhausting and endless work in the European Union.

But, in fact, while they pretended to negotiate, the agreement had already been reached.

Our government, as always, was all talk and no action.

The President of the Spanish government said on television that we ought to read the Portuguese press which defended the government’s position on the agreement.

We now understand what Senor Gonzalez meant when he said that Portugal was displaying something our government never hadshame and a concern for maritime people.

Senor Almunia, as overbearing and absurd as ever, has been electioneering and campaigning with those who are opposed to the agreement. Rosa dos Ventos feels that he is aiming for a rapid promotion to the throne of the Minister of Fisheries.

The television image of Mrs Bonino toasting with champagne the ‘historic’ fisheries agreement will stay in our memories forever. As far as we are concerned, this toast had nothing to do with a good agreement. Instead, it was meant only to cheer the triumph of Canada.

This Association would known to the politicians were toasting their champagne, we had only like to make it that while they success’ with water.

But, fortunately, in Galicia, water is abundant and, furthermore, it is pure and crystallinejust the opposite of the gentlemen of the government, whose attitude has cost the Spanish people their dignity.