Regarding the impact of development programmes on fishworkers and fish consumers (the Secretariat may contact respondents again to obtain more detailed in formation)

1) Title of development project

2) Names and addresses of (a) funding agencies and (b) implementing agencies

3) Address of project headquarters and area of project operations

4) Brief description of planned or operational activities

(E.g. construction of harbour; introduction of fishing boats; construction of fish or shrimp ponds, etc.)

5) Brief assessment of (observed or expected) project impact on:

(a) Living conditions of fishworkers (e.g. higher or lower catches, increase or decrease in incomes, mare or less employment, greater or lesser dependency on imported fishing supplies, better or worse working conditions, etc.).

(b) On the environment (e.g. destruction of mangroves, over-exploitation of fishery resources, pollution, etc.).

(c) On fish consumers (e.g. better or worse supply of fish in run and urban areas, higher or lower fish prices, etc.).

6) Description of (observed or expected) conflicts among various interest groups (e.g. artisanal versus industrial fisheries, local elites versus fishworkers, etc.).

7) Brief description of local and national fishworkers’ organizations and actions takenor plannedto mount opposition

8) Suggestions as to how the ICSF can assist in the local struggle.

Please send your replies to:
Secretary ICSF, rue Gretry, 65
B-1000 Brussels, BELGIUM.