When I was a young decky ships didn’t have toilets on board. You can imagine what we had to do, how many men did we lose at sea through having no toilets. The Board of Trade then ruled all boats had to have a toilet on board, so what did the owners do? Cut a hole right through the boat put a hood over it and that was your toilet. Mean? And still very dangerous, you had to be there at the right time, when the ship was dipping its head you’d get out like hell because when the ship came down a great spout of water shot out the hole.

— Mumby-Croft, Roger. 1999.
The Living Conditions on Board UK-Distant Water Trawlers, 1945-1970.
The Northern Mariner/Le Marin du nord, IX, No. 4
(October 1999), 25-33.