Chilean fishworkers have made progress toward the consolidation of their organization and maturity in their growth strategies. The XIII National Congress, held in Costa Azul, Fifth Region (Chile), in November, 1992, was characterized by autonomy in the decisions taken and by the active participation of the representatives of each Commission.

Fishworker representatives now participate in the Fishing Councils and the Fund for the Development of Artisan Fishing, following close elections, in which shortlived “ad hoc” organizations made an appearance.

CONAPACH participates in an extensive network of national and international contacts, within which the need for a united front, both domestically and with the fishworkers of the world, in order to defend resources and improve the quality of life in our communities, is clear.

The Blue Europe is now present on the coasts of Latin America, through a fishing treaty signed with Argentina, making it necessary to be alert to its possible repercussions in Chile. The huge demand for fish products generated by a population of 300 million persons and the economic and political power of the European Block may overcome our dependent structures.