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Women’s Day: How these 5 women are leading conservation efforts and fighting for a sustainable planet by Anju Ann Mathew March 08,2021   |  Source: YourStory

On International Women’s Day, SocialStory highlights the efforts of women who are working their way towards sustainability.

Among them are:

Neethi Mahesh, who has been working in the Western Ghats, focusing her efforts on Riparian (land-river interface) Habitats with the endangered Mahseer fish as the flagship species.

Nayantara Jain, the executive director of ReefWatch Marine Conservation, a non-profit that was established in 1993, is working towards monitoring, rehabilitating, and restoring Coral Reefs in Chidiyatapu in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Richa Priyadarshini, Associate Professor, Department of Life Sciences, School of Natural Sciences (SoNS), Shiv Nadar University, who has made a unique discovery with the help of her team. She and her team have discovered two strains of plastic-eating bacteria.

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