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Registration open for first APFIC fisheries webinar January 18,2021   |  Source: APFIC

Registration is open for the first of the 2021 APFIC webinar series, organized by the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission. The first webinar on “Inland fisheries connectivity, irrigation and water management” is scheduled to start on 28th January 2021 at 14.00 hours Bangkok time (UTC +7). Those interested should register at least three days prior to the webinar. Please visit http://infofish.org/APFIC/index.php/inland-fisheries-connectivity-irrigation-and-water-management

This is one of the 2021 APFIC webinar series aiming at exploring the potential for incorporating fisheries (and aquaculture) into water management, especially irrigation. The speakers will cover technical aspects of improving water connectivity and flows; provision of refuges; and habitat management and stocking of systems. Invited guests from the water management sector and investment will also give their perspectives on the feasibility and financial viability of integration of these approaches into irrigation and water management.

All interested participants can also register for other webinars in the series at:

During the webinars, there will be some opportunities to raise questions (in a question-and-answer box). Not all questions will be answered.

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