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Total of 32 foreign fishermen in Christchurch, New Zealand, test positive for Covid-19 October 26,2020   |  Source: NZ Herald

he number of fishermen who have tested positive for Covid-19 in Christchurch, New Zealand, has reached 32.

The Ministry of Health announced today that three more international mariners in the Sudima Hotel Christchurch Airport have tested positive.

"The three cases today were tested at day nine as they were part of the group who had previously been in close contact with other confirmed cases.

"These three are now in quarantine, along with the other mariners who had earlier tested positive," it said in the announcement.

They are among 440 fishers from Russia and the Ukraine, 270 of whom are due to go out on three Independent Fisheries boats next month.

It follows the discovery last Monday that eleven of the fishermen had returned positive results for Covid-19.

A total of five new Covid-19 cases in managed isolation were announced today - bringing the total number of active cases to 74.

"There are two remaining two positive cases to report today, the first is a family member of a positive case who is a recent returnee and both were already in quarantine in Auckland's quarantine facility.

The other case is a recent returnee who arrived from Ethiopia via Dubai and tested positive as a result of routine testing around day three. This person has also been


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