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Pacific leaders united on Climate, Ocean and Security issues at the UNGA September 29,2020   |  Source: RNZ

The Pacific has presented a united front to world leaders at the UN General Assembly this year.

In an unprecedented virtual edition, the 75th instalment of the assembly was conducted through pre-recorded leader's statements and online meeting rooms.

Climate Change, Ocean conservation and debt relief amid the Covid-19 pandemic were some of the recurring themes raised by Pacific leaders.

The pandemic had seen the cancellation of multiple global meetings and conferences on advancing countries commitments to climate action.

But the Prime Minister of Tuvalu Kausea Natano urged world leaders to stay the course.

"The shared prosperity and security of our Blue Pacific can only safely exist if the international community pursues efforts to limit global warning to 1.5 degrees celsius."

Most Pacific leaders also highlighted work being done to delineate and secure maritime boundaries based on fixed geographical points.

This was especially important for low-lying atoll states to protect their lucrative fishing grounds in the face of climate change induced sea level rise.

Along the same lines, the Solomon Islands prime minister called on the leaders of distant water fishing nations to curb illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing by their fleets in the


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