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India's National Fishworkers Forum wants 61-day fishing ban reinstated by V Sajeev Kumar May 29,2020   |  Source: The Hindu BusinessLine

The National Fishworkers Forum of India has demanded that the Ministry of Fisheries revoke its new order reducing the uniform fishing ban to 47 days.

Urging the government to reinstate the earlier order for 61 days’ ban, the Forum said the uniform ban on fishing has been formulated to help regenerate marine fisheries in Indian waters, where the monsoon creates conducive environment for fish spawning. Hence it is crucial to protect the marine habitat during the reproduction period.

Narendra R Patil, chairperson, and T Peter, general secretary, NFF, said the uniform ban of 61 days was implemented with consultation between Central and state governments in 2015. This uniformity came after many decades of conflict, especially between sectors and States, and demands made multiple times by NFF.

The ban period is also a time in which seasonal fish workers migrate back to their native States. They pointed out that the eastern coast has has not yet recovered completely from the onslaught of cyclone Amphan and reducing the ban period, in the midst of the disaster, is not advisable, as it puts fish workers to more risk.

The lockdown has impacted the fishing sector severely. However, tampering with the ban order will only work in favour of the mechanised sector, which



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