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Southeast Asia’s lucrative tuna industry by Liyana Hasnan September 10,2019   |  Source: The Asean Post

Tuna is the world’s most valuable fish. It can be found in inexpensive cans on a supermarket shelf or on the auction block being sold at high prices for its premium flesh, destined for high-end Japanese restaurants that serve sushi and sashimi. Globally, the commercial tuna market is worth approximately US$42 billion per year. Indonesia and the Philippines are among the top five tuna producers in the world. Indonesia’s tuna production in 2016 was the highest, with a global production share of 17.9 percent while the Philippines came second with 6.1 percent.

Thailand is the world’s biggest exporter of prepared or preserved tuna comprising 29 percent of the world’s exports. The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam also export processed or canned tuna to major brands in key markets. In 2017, a total of US$7 billion worth of canned tuna products were exported. The lucrative tuna industry provides thousands of jobs in the areas of catching, processing and trading, worldwide.

Traceable, sustainable and worker-friendly

For the past three years, Greenpeace, a non-governmental environmental organisation, has been ranking tuna canneries and brands in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand with the aim of providing information and guidance for both, tuna companies and

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