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The Global Fishery Forum discussed the present and future of the fishing sector July 15,2019   |  Source: PRNewswire

The III Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo was held on 10–12 July 2019 in St. Petersburg.

It brought together almost 6000 people – leading members of the business community, representatives of fisheries, heads of sectoral agencies from 38 countries and 30 Russian regions, 20 delegations from Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Namibia, South Korea, Japan, Iceland, the Republic of Guinea, Sri Lanka, and other countries. Dmitry Patrushev, Russian Minister of Agriculture, welcomed the Forum's attendees.

At the "Оcean of opportunities: Nature, economy and people" plenary session, Mr. Patrushev, Ilya Shestakov, Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries (Rosrybolovstvo), ministers and heads of sectoral agencies of leading fishing powers, heads of major fishery organizations and of Russian regions discussed key issues and challenges in global fishing and economic, environmental and social matters.

Experts raised topical issues at the panels:

-- "Digitalization as a Tool for the Transformation of the Fisheries Industry";

-- "How to sell fish properly";

-- "The Arctic and Antarctica: Resource Potential, Ban, or Fishing, Elements of Cooperation";

-- "New faces of fisheries science. New ideas. New solutions";



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