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Zambian villagers win right to sue Vedanta subsidiary in UK April 10,2019   |  Source: The New Indian Express

The UK Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled in favour of thousands of Zambian villagers seeking the right to sue a subsidiary of UK-headquartered Indian mining giant Vedanta in the UK courts.

The case relates to allegations of pollution by villagers living near the massive Nchanga Copper mine, owned by Vedanta subsidiary Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

While the Anil Agarwal owned mining group had argued that the case should be heard in Zambia, 1,826 villagers were fighting for the right to seek compensation in British courts for several years.

The ruling sets a strong legal precedent which will allow people with claims against subsidiaries of British multinationals to sue the parent company in the UK, said Foil Vedanta, a grassroots campaign group working for people's movements against Vedanta.

The judgment by Chief Justice Lady Hale and four further judges noted that the claimants do have a bona fide claim against Vedanta and the company does owe a duty of care to the claimants, especially in view of the existence of company-wide policies on environment and health and safety.

Vedanta said in a statement: "The judgment of the UK Supreme Court is a procedural one and relates only to the jurisdiction of the English court to hear these claims. It is not a judgment on the


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