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Uganda: Fishermen want share of water resources by Dorothy Nakaweesi December 04,2018   |  Source: AllAfrica

The government of Uganda's failure to clearly give fishermen some shares is among the reasons leading to the depletion of water resources.

The past laws have always been developed without involving fishermen. As a result, water resources have been depleted due to irresponsible fishing.

This if done will reduce immature fishing and increase the population of fish.

In other countries such as Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and Brazil, the fishermen are given some shares of the water resources. Due to this, they guard against its depletion.

Mr Seremos Kamutwaki, executive director Uganda Fisheries and Fish Conservation Association during a private sector consultative meeting on Fisheries and Aquaculture Bill 2018 in Kampala last week, said: "The fishermen feel left out of the law especially on the issue of ownership. This is why they are not compliant to protecting the resources."

Once they become responsible they will start respecting government regulations and the cost of enforcement will reduce.

He said while the fish policy is being designed, it should promote ownership so that the fishermen can know that water bodies are their resource and they should guard against its misuse.


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