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Biggest krill companies limit fishing in Antarctic waters July 10,2018   |  Source: CNN

Antarctic krill fishing companies have announced that they will voluntarily stop operating in key areas around the Antarctic Peninsula.

Krill are small crustaceans that are a keystone species in the Antarctic, forming a crucial part of the food web. They are a vital food source for animals including whales, seals and penguins.

They also help sequester carbon from the atmosphere, which can help to mitigate the effects of climate change.

There are huge numbers of krill in Antarctic waters, but some studies show that their numbers have declined in recent decades, which has prompted groups like Greenpeace to campaign for the krill fishing industry to stop operations in sensitive areas.

The five companies that have made the commitment together form the Association of Responsible Krill Harvesting Companies (ARK), and represent 85% of the Antarctic krill fishing industry, according to Greenpeace.

They will cease fishing in certain ecologically sensitive areas around the Antarctic Peninsula by 2020.

Kristine Hartmann, of Norwegian company Aker Biomarine, said: "We believe it's important that the industry show that we are able to take the first step and show that we can take care of the ecosystem in which we operate."

She added: "This is a historic agreement in that


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