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European Parliament approves EU-Mauritius fisheries agreement April 20,2018   |  Source: FIS Worldnews

The plenary session of the European Parliament approved the fisheries agreement between the European Union and Mauritius, which will be valid for four years and benefits 85 EU vessels. The agreement was signed in April last year and allows access to waters of the Republic of Mauritius to 22 Spanish tuna seiners, 16 French and 2 Italian tuna seiners as well as 12 Spanish surface longliners, 29 French and 4 Portuguese longliners.

In addition, it allows access to a maximum of 20 supply vessels to assist fishing vessels. In return, the EU will pay Mauritius EUR 2.3 million for the period between 2017 and 2021 (EUR 575,000 per year). From this economic contribution, EUR 220,000 per year correspond to the fishing of 4,000 tonnes of product, EUR 220.00 per year will be destined to the development of the fishing sector of Mauritius and EUR 135,000 per year will be for the development of the maritime policy and the ocean economy of the African country. The EU and Mauritius signed their first bilateral fisheries agreement in 1989. The last renewal came into force in 2014 and expired in January 2017.

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