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Indonesia president plans sending fishermen's children to study in Japan by AVIT HIDAYAT February 10,2017   |  Source: Tempo

Indonesia's President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo plans to send a number of fishermen's children in Ambon, Maluku to study in Japan. President Widodo said he would like the kids to study about the pearl business.

Jokowi revealed his plan to students of the Waiheru State Vocational High School of Fishery in Ambon during a visit to the city. Jokowi asked the school to start selecting students they think are eligible to be sent to Japan.

"We will select five to six students after graduation, prioritizing fishermen's children, and send them to schools in Japan to study about pearl oysters," Jokowi said on Thursday, February 9.

The president said that fishermen must not only focus on cultivating fish but should start thinking about farming pearls as well. Dobo regency of Aru Islands, Widodo said as an example, has an abundant resource of pearl oysters.

The Waiheru High School confirmed that they had to bring experts from Japan to help with planting nucleus or seed of the pearl oysters.

Jokowi told the students to study hard so they can work for the benefit of the country by optimizing Indonesia's great marine resources. The president promised he will help bright students to go to Japan to study.


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