This study intends to locate fishworkers within the International Labour Organization (ILO) framework of labour rights and social security which guarantees “income security and health protection, thereby contributing to the prevention and reduction of poverty and inequality, and the promotion of social inclusion and human dignity. Taking this as a point of departure, the report focuses on women fishworkers of Tamil Nadu by mapping the various welfare schemes and national social security systems that they can avail through central and state bodies which would help them tide through livelihood and other crises situations. It identifies challenges that hinder the welfare and security of women fishworkers by focusing on the gendered hierarchies within the community, work space, society and various state departments, and concludes by suggesting ways in which they can be ensured livelihood security and professional dignity. In this regard, the study maps the employment schemes, employment injury/fatality provisions, health, medical benefits, maternity, marriage, education, pension, widow support, that they can avail and the budget allocation and expenditure over the last five years.

Author: Aswathy Senan, ICSF, 2022
Year: 2022
language: English