In October 2022, a National Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop on the SSF Guidelines was held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The next level of the programme involved conducting training programmes at the state level. Workshops were held in the different states between November 2022 and March 2023 and are listed below in alphabetical order.

  State Venue Date
1 Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam 12 November 2022
2 Goa Vasco 9 February 2023
3 Gujarat Bharuch 12 March 2023
4 Karnataka Honnavara 3 March 2023
5 Kerala Alappuzha 4 January 2023
6 Maharashtra Mumbai 15 March 2023
7 Odisha Bhubaneswar 29 November 2022
8 Tamil Nadu Chennai 6 March 2023
9 West Bengal Kolkata 2 December 2022


Each training programme focused on what the felt need of the state’s fishworker population. The ground rule was to have at least ten participants, with a good proportion of women. The subjects discussed in each state were different. The presentations and discussions were in the local language which ensured participation by all attendees. In the case of Manipur and Bihar, the state-level workshops were merged with the National Level Workshop on Inland Fisheries. Highlights and recommendations from each of the workshops are provided in the summary. The appendices contain the detailed report of each state-level workshop.

Author: ICSF
Year: 2023
language: English