In this context, ICSF and its members are organizing four regional workshops and women’s exchanges in 2022 in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, in partnership with fishworker organizations globally.

The Latin America and Caribbean Workshop will be held in São Paulo State, Brazil from 2-5 November. The overall goal of the workshop is to strengthen the recognition of small-scale fisheries’ crucial contributions to global food security and nutrition, the importance of tenure rights in the sector, and social development. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To increase international engagement of fishworker organizations regarding food security, tenure rights and social development issues.
  • To deepen cooperation between fishworkers and like-minded organizations regarding food security, tenure rights and social development.
  • To amplify the voices of women in the inclusive development of small-scale fisheries.

The workshop is also an opportunity to take stock of how the SSF Guidelines are being implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean to eradicate poverty, ensure food security and nutrition, and promote the tenure rights of small-scale fishing communities.

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