The Parties discussed the results of the questionnaire for the review and assessment of the effectiveness of the Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA), agreeing that the questionnaire was a useful tool, whilst noting the need for further improvements. The Parties tasked the FAO to review the questionnaire, and agreed that the questionnaire would be completed every four years. Parties noted that whilst progress has been made in effectively using the PSMA to combat IUU fishing, a number of challenges remain. Parties welcomed the useful information provided by Regional Fishery Bodies (RFBs) related to progress made in the implementation of the PSMA, and agreed that a standardized questionnaire for RFBs is needed. Parties tasked FAO to develop a first draft of this questionnaire. The Parties welcomed the prototype of the global information exchange system (GIES) and agreed that it should enter a pilot phase. They also reiterated the importance of the availability of information related to the national contact points for the PSMA. The Parties expressed the importance of receiving support on the implementation of effective monitoring, control and surveillance, enforcement and the implementation of GIES. The Secretariat announced the launch of the Global Capacity Development Portal. The Parties requested that discussions around developing a strategy to improve the effectiveness of the PSMA be deferred to an ad hoc working group, and approved the terms of reference of the PSMA Strategy Ad Hoc Working Group.