The IYAFA Europe regional workshop, the last of the series of IYAFA workshops organized by ICSF, was convened in collaboration with Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) and Mulleres Salgadas (MuS) from 13–16 November 2023 at Galicia, Spain. The workshop had participation from 16 European countries including representatives from fishworkers organizations, civil society organizations and academia. The workshop aimed to discuss desirable governance transitions, issues pertaining to women in SSF and pathways of strengthening capacities of SSF and support organizations in Europe. By doing so, the workshop was intended to shape inspiring narratives for the future of small-scale fisheries, emphasizing the importance of desirable and equitable futures. The workshop proved to be a valuable platform for fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge and addressing key issues in European fisheries. The outcomes and recommendations generated during the workshop contribute to the ongoing efforts towards sustainable practices in the region.

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Author: ICSF, Ahana Lakshmi and Sivaja K Nair
ISBN: 978-93-80802-99-2
Year: 2024
language: English