Land erosion by seas, oceans and rivers not only causes loss of earth but also erodes away at human lives and livelihoods, especially by changing the landscape, biosphere, and plant and animal habitat. In India, this tends to make life of vulnerable populations even more difficult. Erosion prevention measures at scale are an infrastructural challenge that is being gradually overcome. However, response to and recovery from the disaster caused by coastal and river erosion needs a policy and mechanism to provide immediate relief to affected populations. Such a policy will also offer better pathways for them to regain control of their lives and livelihoods.

This National Policy on Mitigation and Rehabilitation Measures for People Displaced by Coastal and River Erosion 2022 is built around the theme of resilience that is also the bedrock for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for India by 2030. It was formulated under the guidance of the National Disaster Management Authority in consultation with administrators, coastal communities, civil society, experts and other stakeholders.

The national policy (also referred to as the policy in this document) provides a framework for authorities and administration to contain the hardship and misery caused by erosion to coastal and river communities and help them build their livelihoods and lives back. It also makes many policy recommendations for prevention.