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Lost At Sea:
Combating Abandoned, Lost and Otherwise, Discarded Fishing Gear

 Salons de l’hôtel des Ars et Mtiers, 9 bis avenue d’lena, 75116 (Paris, France), Sunday, May 28, 2023, 13:00 – 16:30 (Paris time)

Small-scale fishing is often a way of life and an integral part of unbroken traditions and culture of many coastal communities, including the Indigenous Peoples.

Small-scale fishers are men, women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples who are dependent on fisheries for their lives and livelihoods. They provide cheap nutrient-dense fish to millions of poor people across the world, including children and lactating mothers.

Marine small-scale fishing is likely the sector with the largest employment in the ocean economy. There are currently an estimated 14.6 million marine small-scale fishers in the world, including 2.7 million women (18.7%), and another 16.8 million subsistence fishers.

Most of the small-scale fishers are located in developing countries in Africa and Asia, and small island developing States, including low-income food-deficit countries and they do not have easy access to other employment opportunities…..