28 organizations – 8 government ministries, 8 UN agencies and 12 development partners – have agreed to join forces under the National Blue Agenda Actions Partnership, which was signed with the Government of Indonesia and launched on the margins of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Bali on 14 November 2022. Under this partnership, representatives from the UN, government and development partners will all have a seat at the table to discuss the planning, financing, and implementation of projects – identify synergies and complementarities that would not have been possible under the old model of everyone focusing only on their own activities and niche objectives.

UN agencies work with and support various government entities which are tackling different aspects of this problem. Small-scale fisheries, for instance, will be supported by both FAO and UNIDO, increasing their competitiveness under an ecologically friendly approach. The Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission of UNESCO, UNDP, UNEP, and UNOPS will all help support policy making on various aspects of a sustainable ocean-based economy. Under the partnership, FAO, ILO and UN Women will also engage in various skill building initiatives. The beneficiaries will be the millions of Indonesians who depend on the ocean.