A recent oil spill near Tobago has caused significant environmental concerns, with the spill extending more than 150 miles and impacting local wildlife.

The oil spill, originating from a sinking barge, has spread extensively in the Caribbean Sea, posing a severe threat to marine biodiversity and the economy of Tobago.

Satellite images reveal the vast extent of the spill, which has already begun affecting beaches and marine life in the region.

The spill’s impact includes potential harm to various marine species and long-term ecological damage, highlighting the urgency of containment and cleanup efforts.

“The oil spill along Tobago’s coastline is absolutely devastating to the island’s unique marine biodiversity & the nation’s economy”, according to Ocean Conservancy.

This incident is a reminder of the fragility of marine ecosystems and the devastating impact of oil spills. It emphasizes the importance of responsible environmental stewardship and the need for effective response strategies to protect health and preserve biodiversity.