Thoothukudi fishing harbour is all set to be brought under the surveillance net with the installation of CCTV cameras. Among various fishing harbours in Tamil Nadu, the one in Thoothukudi is the first to be equipped with such a facility. Currently, surveillance cameras have been installed at five locations in the vicinity of the harbour as per the directive of Collector M. Ravikumar. Four more cameras would be installed on the premises, reliable sources told The Hindu here on Thursday. Aided by cameras, constant vigil would be maintained at the harbour, where the entire proceedings would be monitored. Two CCTV surveillance cameras had been placed at the entry point and two more near the Fisheries Department office on the harbour premises. Besides, one was installed near the seafood auction hall, sources said. Four more CCTV cameras including a rotating dome camera would be installed at other locations in the harbour. Surveillance would be increased with the installation of the rotating dome camera at 180 degrees view. Once all the installation works were over, it would start functioning. This kind of security infrastructure was put in place on a trial basis. If proved effective and successful, the entire fishing harbour area would be under watchful eyes with more such cameras, which would serve as a deterrent to any illegal activity. Further, sources said the harbour buzzes with hectic activity such as movement of vehicles from various destinations for buying seafood and transporting it and fishermen engaging in their daily routine. “Thoothukudi fishing harbour is the place from where mechanised boat fishermen have been strictly adhering to the Tamil Nadu Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1983, which mandates a 16-hour fishing duration from 5 a.m., sources said. Thoothukudi fishing harbour also stood first among other harbours in terms of revenue generation. Since the fishing harbour management committee was formed here, it had realized revenue of about Rs. 2 crore by means of registration of boats, entry fee, boat yard rent, two-wheeler parking stand earnings and canteen revenue, sources also informed.

2016, The Hindu