Nii Adotei Kootse, the Gbegbe Mankralo, has issued a warning about the escalating sea erosion threatening Gbegbeyise, a community within the Dansoman coastal area. Gbegbeyise, a densely populated coastal community in the Dansoman area of Accra, is facing an existential threat from sea erosion and environmental degradation.

In an exclusive interview with Nii Kootse stated that the sea level is rising at an alarming rate of three feet every year. He attributes this phenomenon to a combination of factors, including sand winning and improper waste disposal.

“The sea defense must be completed and sand winning needs to be stopped altogether,” Nii Kootse emphasized. “This relentless cycle of sand loss is contributing to the sea’s encroachment onto our land.”

The Gbegbe Mankralo further lamented the devastating impact on the community’s livelihood, particularly its fishing industry. “Our fishers have no choice but to leave,” he said. “The lack of landing sites and dwindling fish stocks make it impossible for them to operate here. They are incurring losses and even risking their lives at sea.”

Nii Kootse pointed a finger at irresponsible waste disposal practices as another factor. “The overflowing of these small water bodies due to improper waste disposal is a significant problem,” he explained. “The waste collection system is failing us. We are destroying our environment and ourselves if we don’t act now.”

The urgency of the situation is clear. Gbegbeyise, already grappling with the aftermath of the 2021 sea erosion that ravaged coastal communities, faces an uncertain future unless immediate action is taken to address the ongoing environmental threats.