Sale of fish has increased manifold in Pakistan’s twin cities with the advent of winter season and Khanpur Dam is the major source of fish for Isloites and residents of Rawalpindi.

There are various restaurants in Islamabad that offer delicately prepared sumptuous fish. Fish parties are also sprouting up in Islamabad that provides a good chance of recreation and business development.

Noman Ahmad a resident of Islamabad who was purchasing fish from Aabpara market said, “fish is vital for human health because it acts like a shield against heart diseases.

The Omega 3 acid available in fish reduces the risk of heart attack and strengthens the immune system.

Famous spots for purchase of fish in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are Aabpara, F-7, Khanna Bridge, Saddar and Raja Bazar.

Demand for fish surges manifold in Pakistan with the arrival of winter season that at times results in widespread overfishing in wild fisheries.

More and more people are coming into fish farming in almost all four provinces. However; experts lay down certain conditionalities for proper fish farming that include soil quality, water availability, topographic characteristics of land and proper drainage channel. The common species cultured in Pakistan are Rohu, Thela; Chinese Carps – Catfish, Trout and Chitti Mundi. Out of these type Trout fish abundantly found in Swat valley is the most sought after fish for food lovers.

The breeding season of trout is from December to February. Rainbow trout is widely accepted as food fish of high quality and fetches good price to sellers.

Experts while talking to APP said government should patronize this industry as it can play a major role in increase in GDP. Fish farming is not very expensive business to begin with and an average the initial capital required for this business is not more than hundred thousand rupees per acres.”If government declare this industry as tax free, Pakistan can generate a lot of revenue from this sector,” said an expert on fish industry.

APP (Associated Press of Pakistan), 2010