The German government is providing a €3-million (approximately P168 million) grant to the Philippines to implement its climate change mitigation and adaptation programs.

Climate Change Commission Vice-chairperson Mary Ann Lucille L. Sering welcomed the German government’s grant for the measures as embodied in the National Framework Strategy on Climate Change (NFSCC), and the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP). The project is spread over a three-year period from 2012 to 2015.

The Commission, Department of Energy, National Economic Development Authority and other concerned government agencies as well as local government units, will provide about €0.1-million in kind.

In a statement, Sering said that the assistance comes at an opportune time as the government is currently trying to see how it can further strengthen the Commission so that it can effectively carry out its mandate and see results within the shortest time possible.

“While the government has started the establishment of the institutional mechanism for the implementation of its climate change action plans with the creation of the Commission and the Cabinet Cluster on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation among others, it still needs financing to close the gaps in its work plan,” Sering said.

“We see the assistance of the German government as the thread that will bind all our efforts in a cohesive, well-coordinated manner,” she said.

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