Experts on Sunday estimate that environmental degradation is costing Pakistan’s economy over Rs 365 billion loss every year and if proper measures would not be adopted, the loss may be increased to beyond Rs 450 billion.

Talking to APP, the experts calculated that national loss of Rs 365 billion may include inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene accounts for Rs112 billion, agricultural soil degradation Rs 70 billion, indoor pollution Rs 67 billion, urban air pollution Rs 65 billion, lead exposure Rs 45 billion and land degradation and deforestation Rs 6 billion. They believe that the fast pace vanishing bio-diversity and land degradation have seriousimpacts on climate change and resulting in ecological imbalance.

According to a document of Finance Division, the above-mentioned loss figure on Biodiversity and soil degradation included food securities, water and air pollution causing widespread diseases, adaptation to the impact of climate change for energy, preparedness for adaptation or mitigation due to climate change and to avail opportunities under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).