A Myanmar migrant fisherman died last night (Apr 9) after he was slashed by the propeller of the boat he was fishing on. Police were told that the fisherman, named only as “Nai, 30, had fallen off the back of the boat while taking a pee. Marine Police Lt Col Panya Chaiyana received a call from Nitikon Sanglapho, the 43-year-old captain of the fishing boat Ekmongkolchai 111, at 9:44pm. Capt Nitikon reported that one of his crew had fallen off the back of the boat and was in need of emergency medical assistance for severe slash wounds inflicted by the boat’s propeller. The boat was about three kilometres south of Koh Dokmai, east of Phuket, when the incident happened. Marine Police boat RorMor 77 was dispatched to render assistance with Kusoldharm rescue workers and medical staff from Vachira Phuket Hospital on board. “When we arrived, medical staff confirmed the victim no longer has pulse. He had a three-inch-long slash to his abdomen and another deep slash to the inner thigh, Lt Col Pany said. “Capt Nitikon said that Mr Nai went to pee at the back of the boat while the boat was moving, which caused him to fall into the water and be hit by the propeller. “Crew members who saw Mr Nai fall alerted others and they helped pull him out of the water and gave him first aid, but his injuries were severe, so the captain called for help, Col Panya added. Mr Nai’s body was taken to Vachira Hospital. “We have contacted Phuket City Police, who will conclude their own investigation into the death, Col Panya said.

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