Six persons including a minor have been detained for indulging in illegal fishing activities using electrocution methods in Loktak lake. The said persons were caught while they were taking up the illegal fishing practice near Ngatenpat area during a drive jointly conducted by All Thanga People’s Organization (ATPO) and All Thanga Meira Paibi Apunba Lup late night yesterday.

The above persons along with the items seized which were used in electrocution of fishes such as headlamp, battery, longthrai etc and the caught fishes were handed over to the Keibul Police today early morning after they were advised to refrain from such illegal activities for further necessary legal actions. The detained persons have been identified as Makakmayum Khomei (55 yrs) s/o M Ibocha, Makakmayum Nawakhan (20 yrs) s/o M Khomei, Makakmayum Ayasuddin (29 yrs) s/o M Iboyai, Buyamayum Hefasuddin (41 yrs) s/o B Nahamuk, Makakmayum Safila (31) d/o M Iboyai and a minor boy.

All of them are residents of Komlakhong Ereima Leirak. Speaking in connection with the drive, ATPO advisor Oinam Maipakchao highlighted that resorting to such activities of illegal fishing using electrocution methods have impacted the eco-system of Loktak lake to a great extent. Such activities have led to a decrease in fish population and have affected the livelihood activities of the fishing community considerably, he said.

He maintained that the authorities concerned have failed to control the illegal fishing practices due to absence of stringent laws against such activities. In view of the above, he stressed on the need of implementing strict laws and awarding befitting punishments to the perpetrators to control the menace and save the Loktak lake and its marine life. Furthermore he appealed to the locals to refrain from using extensive LED lights at Loktak lake during night time. Later the locals raised slogans such as ‘Stop illegal fishing practice at Loktak lake’, ‘Save Wildlife’, ‘Save Loktak lake and the fishing community’ etc.