On 25th February, the Court responded to the review applications by  two members of All Loktak Lake Area Fishers Union of Manipur (ALLAFUM) – Smt Oinom Akashini Devi and Smt Khoirom Kiranbala reaffirmed the stay on constructions in or around the Loktak Lake Area and directed the Government to ensure that no development/construction works are initiated in or around the Loktak Lake without the leave of the Court (High Court’s order attached).

All Loktak Lake Area Fishers Union of Manipur (ALLAFUM), affiliated to the National Platform for Small Scale Fish Workers (NPSSFW), has been fighting to protect the Loktak Lake, recognised as a wetland of international importance under the   Ramsar Convention.  The Hydel Project and Icthai Dam had sounded the death knell of the Lake. As if that was not enough, the Government of Manipur has started schemes for water sports and cage culture fisheries in the lake in spite of vehement protest by the fisher people – the largest primary stakeholders of the lake.

Failing to restrain the government from selling off Loktak to investors and business interests, the union moved the High Court of Manipur and sought justice pointing out the blatant violations of the High Courts order of 17th July 2019 that prohibited all development / construction works in and around Loktak Lake without permission of the Court.

The All Loktak Lake Areas Fishers Union – Manipur (ALLAFUM), Indigenous Perspectives (Imphal), and Environment Support Group (Bangalore) has issued a Press Statement (copy enclosed) welcoming the 25th February 2022 order of the Special Bench of the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur.

The National Platform for Small Scale Fish Workers (NPSSFW) hails the success of ALLAFUM in reaffirming the High Court’s stay order and vows to fight shoulder to shoulder to protect Loktak.

Save Loktak, Save Fish, Save Fisher People.