Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) has solved the problems faces by the Jazeera 103 vessel which was brought in as part of the company’s capacity expansion efforts, resumed the vessel’s operations. Following rumors that the vessel started having problems, shortly after it started operating, MIFCO issued a statement, disclosing that the problems have been solved.

In the statement, MIFCO highlighted that they already have 14 vessels operating to purchase fish and noted that the company has established the capacity to resolve technical problems encountered by the vessels.

MIFCO stated that although technical problems encountered by the vessels, temporarily hamper the fish procurement operation, the company’s team of engineers are more than capable to continue the operation without any major disruption. Hence, the company noted that the problems faced by Jazeera 103 was also resolved quickly without further disruptions.

The company reaffirmed their commitment to continue doing everything required to maintain the confidence of the fishermen and the public. Jazeera 103’s operation’s were commenced during a special event held in Faresmaathodaa Island of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, on 18 May, 2023.

Jazeera 103 has the capacity to purchase and freeze 120 metric ton of fish. The vessel also has the storage capacity of 420 metric tons of fish. Jazeera 103 was brought to Maldives on 06 April, 2023. The vessel was brought after the necessary arrangements were made under the supervision of a senior engineers, at a Korean dockyard. MIFCO is working to increase their fish purchasing and storage capacity. As such, one of three vessels brought under this, Jazeera 103 would be used in the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. Therefore, the fishermen engaged in fishing in the Faresmaathoda area will be seeing some positive changes.

While speaking at the event held to commemorate the commencement of Jazeera 103’s operation, in Faresmaathodaa, CEO of MIFCO, Ismail Fauzy stated that MIFCO, in association with State Trading Organization (STO) is working to increase the fish purchasing capacity of Kooddoo by installing a 120 ton brine freezing system per session in the island. He noted that the company is getting ready to commence the practical works of the project.

The CEO also stated that, 50 reefer containers are being set up in the yard in first phase, to facilitate the export of fish to additional markets. Additionally, Ismail highlighted that the administration is currently working to solve the issues faced by the fishermen in the southern regions of the country. As such, he note that the administration has made the decision to install a 4,000 ton cold storage in Kooddoo Island. Kooddoo currently has 2,000 ton cold storage. Furthermore, the CEO also noted that Kooddoo harbor expansion and development project is going on, and highlighted that this would bring out positive changes.