With the Bombay Port Trust (BPT) putting a two-month ban on fishing from June 1 to August 1, the fishermen in the area have set up a fish market outside the gates of Sasson docks, causing trouble for local residents. To cater to this issue, the residents of Colaba have written a letter to the BMC A ward, requesting them to clear the mess. On Monday, around 70 residents from the area signed a letter initiated by My Dream Colaba and Colaba Advance Locality Management (CALM) which noted down issues faced by the residents every morning. In the letter, the residents complained about filth on the road, foul odour, cars slipping due to fish water and traffic issues. The residents also mentioned about constant honking from 5:30am. Parshuram Meher, chairman of Machimaar Sarvodaya Society of Sasson Docks, said: “We received a letter from the residents. Fishing is banned by the Bombay Port Trust because of which selling inside the docks isn’t allowed. We are going to soon address this issue with the fishermen and the BPT.” On being asked about the issue assistant commissioner of A Ward Kiran Digaokar said: “We have been taking continuous action and confiscating the goods being sold illegally on the footpaths. We will continue to do so and we will not return the goods to the fishermen.” Imran Merchant, member of CALM, said: “What’s happening is illegal and unhygienic. This had happened the last year as well but this year it is taking a lot of time to clear.” Another resident from the area, who signed the letter, said: “We cannot keep on writing letters every year to the authorities. There needs to be a certain amount of co-ordination between them. It is unfair for residents and the fishermen.”

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