The fishing community returned to the sea from August 1 after end of monsoon ban on India’s west coast. But the community did not get a good catch, mostly because of the heavy rains and stormy weather that city witnessed in the past couple of weeks.

The tumultous weather resulted in the fishing community losing out on bounty. According to reports, the fishermen, who depend on natural conditions, have suffered loses due to the same. A report in Lokmat stated that in order to ensure the survival of Koli community, the reprsentatives has asked for a study on weather, fish prices, costs of marketing and other elements to compensate the fishermen.

Reportedly, general secretary of Koli Federation Rajhans Tapke, has asked that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to form a study group consisting experts, administrative officials and fishermen. The report stated that because of the climate change, heavy rains, stormy waves and strong winds have become regular which has affected the Koli community who depend on natural resources to fish.

With rising prices of diesel, fishing gear and lesser time to sail into sea for catch, the fishing community has borne financial loss, stated Tapke. He added that fishermen, boat-owning families, and others who depend on the business have suffered huge losses.